You will need
  • - claw hammer,
  • - screwdriver,
  • - spatula,
  • - aluminum foil,
  • - the knife
  • - scissors,
  • - transparent tape,
  • liquid window cleaner
  • - transparent silicone sealant
  • - soft cloth (or paper towel),
  • - blade
  • toothpick.
Carefully remove the mirror and pull it from the frame (you may need to Unscrew the screws and remove the nails with the appropriate tools).
Cut a smooth piece of foil slightly larger than the scratch. The foil can be smooth out with a knife. Gently place foil scratches on the other side of the mirror. Flip the mirror and look at the result. If the foil slightly shifted, lift the mirror and correct it (you can stick duct tape).
If the scratch is still visible, wipe the damaged vehicle glass cleaner and dry cloth. Put the mirror on a flat surface mirror canvas up.
Put a bit of transparent silicone sealant on disposable plate (preferably paper). Dip toothpick in sealant and scooping a minimum of means, fill in the scratches. Often change the toothpick. When the sealant has dried completely, scrape off the remains, placing the knife blade at an angle of 45 degrees.