The right thing is a scratch to buff out. A fairly noticeable scratch , you must first handle krupnopanelnoye Polish. Apply it on a soft cloth and first strokes along the scratch, and then circular motions, remove it with sharp edges. At a time when it will be relatively smooth and less noticeable, you need to take melkoabrazivnymi Polish. Use it the same way: apply the product on a cloth and gently RUB the Polish into the scratch until it is very smooth. At the conclusion of the procedure, you need to take wax and Polish to disguise the scratch. To speed up the process by using shlifovannoe machine at minimum speed. Pads to choose from felt or foam rubber in accordance with the grit polishes.
Using abrasive polishes, do not overdo it, not to wipe the paint through. In this case, without the services of senior not do. Before polishing a scratchtest on an inconspicuous area first, to correctly calculate their strength, or adjust to the grinding apparatus. Manually check the quality of polishing every 15-10 seconds when you are in the car every 5 seconds. Guided by the principle "it is better not to grate than to grind".
Deep scratches can also try to disguise. To do this you need to tint those places where stripped the paint to the primer. The main difficulty in this case in selecting colors. When you pick up a tube of paint, apply it into the scratch. After complete drying, proceed with the polishing described above.