Method 1. Rinse and dry the surface of the glass. To seal the space around the scratch self-adhesive tape to avoid damaging the remaining glass. Apply to the scratch with a special paste for polishing, for example "Polyarit, then soft felt circle to produce very polished. Only not need to deal with the sanding of the damaged surface, otherwise the transparency of the glass in your car will decrease considerably.


Method 2. How to hide scratches on glass materials at hand. In this issue will help a simple toothpaste. It is necessary to apply a little toothpaste on the scratch, then take a dry cloth and gentle circular motions for five minutes to RUB the scratch. Further excessive toothpaste to clean with a wet cloth. Helps rubbing wax into the crack scratches. If you have a no wax, you can use paraffin.


Method 3. If it's bad, it is possible to address in service center, there you will professionally Polish the glass, and scratches will not be seen. If you are worried about quality, then you can stick to the scratch the transparent adhesive tape or spread the crack with clear varnish. In this case, polishing glass is not necessary.


Before choosing how to remove scratches from the glass, be sure to wash your hands and use only clean handy tools.