Today, ultrasound is the most effective method for diagnosis of pancreatic diseases. With ultrasound scan the doctor can examine the body in different views and to identify problem areas.
If you are pursuing pain in the upper abdomen, region of hypochondrium and left flank, immediately go to the doctor. He will examine you for the presence of diseases such as cyst, tumor, pancreatitis and stone formation. Also get x-rays of the pancreas, which will identify changes in the contours and shapes of the loops of the duodenum. Visit the gastroenterologist, inspect posterior wall of the stomach. The basis for carrying out ultrasound of the pancreas may be a violation of stool, sudden weight loss, jaundice.
In order to examine the pancreas, prepare. In particular, three days before ultrasound take uncindery diet. On the eve of the examination in the morning drink laxative in the evening, eat a light dinner without fruit, vegetables or milk. You need to be controlled for 12 hours before the ultrasound. The day of the procedure, refrain from eating food, liquids, cigarettes and any drugs. This will allow you to obtain a more accurate result.
The examination of the pancreas takes only 10 minutes. Sure, you can spend this time on your health. In the office undress from the waist up and lie on the couch.
The doctor will put gel on your stomach. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. This is necessary in order to achieve a clear image of the pancreas. The fact that in this position the person left lobe of the liver passes into the abdominal cavity, opening the access to the interested bodies. If necessary, turn to the right or left side. However, you should notify the doctor.