The pancreas is a very important organ of the digestive system, which produces the enzyme amylase. It is under the action of this substance is the breakdown of complex carbohydrates to oligosaccharides. In congestive and inflammatory processes fails in the work of the pancreas and the production of amylase is broken. Therefore, doctors prescribe tests, where you can see the change in this indicator.

Blood tests

If you suspect pancreatitis, gastroenterologist prescribes a series of studies to confirm your diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment. Mandatory to be the General clinical analysis of blood. Spend it on an empty stomach, in the morning, the results are known within a few hours. In inflammatory diseases of the pancreas in the overall analysis, you can see the increase in white blood cells and ESR. However, this indirect indicators, based on which the diagnosis is impossible.

More informative is the biochemical analysis of blood, which is determined by the activity of the enzyme amylase. If it increases, it indicates a malfunction of the pancreas. It is often possible to observe a tenfold increase of this indicator from the norm. Here it is possible to detect the increase in glucose and decrease cholesterol.

Also in the blood to determine the antigen of the pancreas. Positive test in this case indicates the presence of an acute process. However, in chronic pancreatitis, this antigen is absent.

Other tests that are prescribed to check the pancreas

Don't forget that amylase in diseases of the pancreas, and increases urine. But in the saliva it is below normal in the chronic stage and higher in the acute period of the disease.

To obtain a complete picture of the disease, the doctor recommends to pass a stool where you can discover the remains of undigested food. Due to disturbances in the metabolism of the feces becomes light gray.

Do not forget about the research of pancreatic juice, which is obtained by sensing. This very unpleasant procedure, but the doctor can get a pretty informative picture of the authority.

To fully appreciate the work of the pancreas and a final diagnosis, the doctor connects ultrasonic and radiographic. The patient only have to remember one thing, all the tests that have appointed specialist, it is best to pass in the shortest possible time.