Enter the words from the song that have surfaced in your memory, in the search bar of any search engine. If you put the words in the query in the correct order, then the search engine will give you a result with the title and all lyrics.
If you heard part of the song you want to find, on the radio and remembered the name of the station and approximate time of broadcast of the sound of music, again you lucky. You can find this song on the website, which broadcast a radio station, for example, in
Find this resource desired station. There you will see a recording of the broadcast time scale. Click on the scale the time, which sounded about your favorite song, and listen to everything that was aired during this period. Among the other tunes you will surely encounter the one you're looking for.
Heard on the radio the song can also be found on the webpage of the radio station, which broadcast it was. To do this, go to the official website of the radio. Often you can find there a list of recently made songs that you can turn to listen. Or, as in the previous step, look through the record of ether.
If you hear a line from a favourite song on the radio or saw an excerpt clip on TV, and you managed to record a snippet of music, then select the next option. Use music recognition on the Internet where you will need to upload your recording. In the end, you will get the song title and the name of its performer.
If a beautiful melody came to mind from the depths of his own memory, to recognize it you will be able in the same way with online-services, where you will need to put a snippet of this song. Record the line that you remember, on a mobile phone, then move it to the computer, and then upload to the service of music recognition. It is desirable that the passage lasted at least 15 seconds.