You will need
  • the exact address of the recipient, envelope, copies of the documents attached to the letter
Before proceeding to the final part of the letter, proofread. Check the text on the lack of grammatical and spelling errors, errors and inaccuracies. If the contents of the letter you completely satisfied in the last paragraph, once again in a brief and intelligible form, repeat the main thesis of your writing. Thus, you rezyumiruya his message, making it easier for the addressee, preparing and writing a response.
In the case that the official letter should make copies of documents after the paragraph back a few lines and indicate in the "list of documents. The list should be numbered. Photocopies of documents to the letter will apply in the order in which they appear in the list.
Finish a formal letter polite and correct turn of phrase, such as: "I hope for fruitful cooperation". Also, in business transactions it is customary to end letters with phrases such as "sincerely", "sincerely", "respectfully". Next, be sure to put your initials and date. Don't forget to print the following text to sign next to your name.
Start to fill the envelope. The recipient's address is written in the lower right corner, the sender's address is written in the upper left. Be sure to specify the correct index in this case, the letter will reach the addressee faster.
An official letter is better to send via mail as registered letters with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, you will have proof of receipt of the letter by the addressee.