For starters carefully examine the issues outlined in the letter from the company. Prepare a brief answer for each of the items, if there are. We now proceed to the execution of a letter of response to the request. To do this, take the letterhead of the company printed on it the logo and details of the company. If this does not exist, type the cap letters, indicating the required information manually. The placement of the details in the letter is very valuable to your business partner. Offering them in every message you deliver him from having to find them in the pile of papers or computer files, and having to do a separate query for the details if you wish to make a new contract or to pay the bill.
In the upper right corner write the details of the addressee of the letter. Here specify name of organization, position of the requester and his / her name. On the contrary, in the left corner, select lines for outgoing numbers that will be assigned to the document during registration and dates. The name of the document in this case is not written. Start right away with the treatment of the name and patronymic, after the word "Dear." In the informative part of the letter first words will be "In response to your letter we inform you" (a request, demand etc.). Next, shall describe all the points and canned answers, following this sequence numbering, which was in the original letter.
In the final part of Express request, suggestion or requirement, not forgetting to adhere to a respectful tone, business style letter and to keep track of literacy. Finish the letter with "sincerely" and name your name and position. In addition, write here your phone number and e-mail, if you want to receive a response letter or comments regarding the letter says.