You will need
  • - Gym;
  • gymnastic ball;
  • sports form.
Do jog up the hill. Find a small hill or mound about 100 meters. Mash for 10-15 minutes and go to the foot of the mountain. Quickly race to the top and slowly go down Jogging. Do so not less than 6-10 climbs and descents. Well catch your breath after this exercise. This exercise trains both of femur and develops stamina.
Do exercises on a slippery surface. If no special fixtures, like flooring or linoleum. Keep your feet together, move one to the side and then put her back in the center. Do the same thing with the other leg. Slide 15 minutes.
Perform the exercise with the ball. There is a special exercise ball, which is used in the fitness rooms. Purchase this inventory. You really need in the future for training. Put it on the ground, lie on the floor and straddle the ball with both sides. Raise your lower back up, making a kind of bridge. Descend to the starting position. Work posterior surface of the thigh. Do so no more than 10 minutes at 1 time.
Sit on the ball and squeeze it with feet on both sides. Slightly bend your knees to release the joints from working. Now squeeze the foot as much as possible. This isometric contraction will help work the inner part of the thighs.
Make attacks. Step one foot far forward. Bend both knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Tighten the rear leg and the other utahnite far back. Now, just move alternately so. Make sure that the back knee is not touching the ground when you attach the leg. Keep your back straight and increase the pace. Do this at least 30-40 times.