Lie on your left side, put right foot over the left knee. With the exhale, lift your left leg off the floor and hold this position for 2 minutes. On the inhale lower the leg and get some rest. Again raise the leg above the floor and she ' s up and down for 1 minute. Do the exercise on the other leg.
Lie on your back, put your feet apart knees apart, hands put on hips. Exhaling, press hands on legs. Hold your breath for 5 seconds, hold the tension. On the inhale relax. Repeat the exercise another 12 times.
Raise your legs off the floor, bending at the knees. On the inhale, legs apart to the sides, exhale, together. Perform the exercise 25 times.
Without changing position, place between the knees of the ball. Exhale, tense your feet and press them on the ball. Elasticity it will give additional resistance, but do not relax your feet immediately. Hold the tension for 20 seconds. On the inhale relax your legs. Do the exercise 5 more times.
Straighten your legs up, socks pull. On the inhale a little legs apart, but not completely. Do springing movements within 4 minutes. Exhaling, keep the legs and lower them to the floor.
Bend your right knee and lift your leg up, placing the lower leg parallel to the floor, left foot leaving the fully rectified. On the inhale bring the right foot to the side and tap the floor. Exhale again position it at the top. Complete 25 repetitions. Make the switch and do the exercise on the left leg.
Lean on something at the elbows, raise your feet at an angle of 45°. Do the legs crossing in the legs. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. On the inhale down fully on the floor and get some rest. Make 2 approach.
If you add in your daily life are weight training, as running, jumping, walking stairs, swimming, Cycling, skiing and skating, then a positive result is much faster.