You will need
  • - a hard brush for the body;
  • - low-salt diet;
  • - drink plenty of liquids;
  • - dumbbell;
  • gymnastic Mat;
  • - stairs;
  • - platform height of 20-30 cm
To fight cellulite daily RUB the skin of the thighs hard, dry brush. Can do it in the morning in the bathroom. With one hand, brush teeth with the other hand massage the thigh. Do not spare yourself, the skin should turn red and you should feel the heat and even burning.
Reduce the consumption of salty and spicy foods. They retain fluid in the intercellular tissues and cause edema primarily in the hips.
Drink more water, and cellulite will be less likely to "settle" on your hips. That water flushes your body of toxins and speeds up metabolism. Clean water is essential for normal metabolism.
Work out. No massage or diet will not do good, if you lie on the couch. The muscles of the thighs and buttocks very easily respond to load, and you can quickly lead yourself in order.
Forget about the Elevator, if you want to have beautiful thighs and a firm butt. Try to run up the stairs, jumping over the step. If you've never played sports, it is unlikely that you will be able to run more than one span. Start small and increase the amount of work performed each day. Eventually your hips will become slender and your buttocks tighten. Running the stairs is the best exercise for this area of the body.
Squat with the weights. Grab a dumbbell, stand up straight. Raise dumbbells to shoulders. Squat deeply, quietly back to the starting position. During squats keep your back straight, don't slouch, look ahead. Keep your heel from the floor. Perform 10-12 squats, rest about a minute and take another approach.
Toe of the right foot rest on the low platform, and the left put it ahead in the distance is a smart move. Keep your back straight, pull your stomach, put your hands on the waist. Transfer the body weight on the leg, standing in front. Bend your left leg and lower the body down to the knee of the right leg almost touch the floor. Try to keep the left knee does not protrude beyond the toe. Return to starting position. Most of the work is ahead of the standing leg. Will do 5-8 squats and switch legs. Once you are done with all the squats for the second leg, rest for minute and repeat all again. This is a good exercise to perform with the weights.
Lie on your right side on a gym Mat. Extend your legs, lean on your right elbow. The left hand lies freely along the body. Slowly lift left leg straight up and slowly lower. Don't put your foot on the floor or right leg, she must always be on weight. Perform as many repetitions as you can. Then turn over to the other side and work the right leg. This is a classic exercise "scissors", performed daily, will allow you to get rid of the nasty "breeches" at the hips for two or three months.