Fill in the order for the transfer of money from the account. If you have a Bank account, you can send to any account holder in your Bank or in another Bank. To come to the Bank branch and fill out the payment order. You need to know the following details of the recipient of money:
- name and organizational legal form of the enterprise (if you send the money legal.person);
INN and legal address (for recipient-legal.persons);
- the name of the receiving Bank;
- the correspondent account;
- account of a recipient.

If you as a legal entity paying the invoice you contractor, just bring it to the Bank. This document will include all details of the recipient.
Get your Bank to access Internet banking. This branchless banking service is convenient for organizations and for individuals. Holders of accounts in most banks the opportunity to connect online banking to manage their funds from any computer with Internet access. Log in to a secure connection by typing your login and password (as well as sending you a verification code - as many banks require a higher degree of protection). Next, the procedure of payment will require you to have knowledge of the same details of the recipient, as in the previous case.
Use a plastic card for cashless payment. For performing remote transactions such as Internet purchases, credit card is your means of payment: all transactions are protected, while keeping the interface as simple as possible. Just enter after placing the order all your card details (number, protective three-digit cvv2 or cvc2 on the back of the card, name and expiry date of the payment document in the form as they are printed on it. Maps that have an increased level of security (e.g. cards issued by Sberbank), must also accompany the confidential confirmation code. The system will tell you whether your payment.