Contact the Bank for opening a current account, which should be a non-cash calculation. Provide a passport or other document that certifies your identity, the application for account opening, the card with specimen signatures and other documents are negotiated with the Bank employee. After the inspection is completed you will be concluded the Bank account agreement and provided a current account to use.
Make non-cash calculation by means of a payment order, which specifies the details of the beneficiary of the funds, the payer's data, the amount of the payment and its purpose. The document is drawn up in two copies, one of which is returned to the payer, and the second is passed to the cashier of the Bank.
Fill in the Bank on a current account the possibility of control via Internet banking. Is a much easier procedure for the transfer of funds, as you need to have a computer and Internet access. Visit the Bank's website and navigate to a secure connection where you specify your username and password. In some banks you will need to specify the security code, that authorization comes in the form of SMS or email. Next, choose the section "Create a payment order" and enter all the necessary details. Document processing takes some time, so in case of error you will always be able to cancel it.
Use for non-cash calculationand credit card. The money transfer can be carried out through the Bank's ATMs or via the Internet. There are many online services that provide possibility of online shopping through credit card. To order on-cash calculation is enough to know the details of your card and the confidential confirmation code.