You will need
  • - an invoice with details of the payee;
  • - money to pay the amount in the account and the Commission of the Bank;
  • - visit to the Bank (not in all cases);
  • - the payment order (not in all cases);
  • computer;
  • - Internet access (not in all cases);
  • - Bank-client (not in all cases).
If you prefer to pay bills in cash through the savings Bank or another credit organization, you will need to fill in a receipt. This can be done on the computer in the presence of the electronic form of the receipt (receipt of the savings Bank it is easy to find online) or directly on site by hand.
Then it remains to apply to Bank teller and give him the completed receipt and money.
The main drawback of this option is to enter the details will have from the hand, so the very high probability of errors. It is best to get an account in electronic form and copy the desired values from it.
In the field " purpose of payment in this and other cases, it is sufficient to write "payment of invoice no. ... dated (date in format "")".
For payment from your checking account you should prepare a payment order. It is best to use special accounting software or online service (e.g., "My job" or Electronic accountant Elba - in both the option of formation of bills). But you can do a template of this document can be found on the Internet.
All the required details you can enter from the keyboard, but safer, as in the previous step, copy from electronic media. Sign payment order with the signature and in the presence of the seal and take it to the Bank.
If you prefer to use the Bank-client, most likely, you will only need the name of the recipient, the number of its settlement account and BIC of the Bank where he opened. All other details, the system will select automatically based on BIC. Don't forget to also fill in the column "Purpose of payment".
Ready payment system using an interface system by verifying a digital signature (usually by selecting "Sign) and pass on execution to the Bank. After the Bank will process your payment order (this information you will see in the system information on its status, don't forget to print this document with the Bank.