You will need
  • - the payment order;
  • - Bank account;
  • - denezhnye funds on the current account.
Payment instructionsm you can make the payment for the provided goods, works and services;- transfers of funds in the budget and extra-budgetary funds;- any transfers provided for by law.
Complete the payment instructions and take it to the Bank.
When paying by payment order in the field "charged with CQ. boards." date of debiting the funds from the payer's account and the "Mark of the Bank", the Bank will affix their stamp and signature of the responsible person.
The Bank shall inform the payer about payment of a payment order on the next working day after going to the Bank of the payer.
Allowed full or partial payment of the payment order. In case of partial payment of the payment order the payment order is drawn up. On the first side of the payment order to put a mark on a partial payment, and on the reverse side of the Bank employee indicates the number and date of the payment order, the amount of the partial payment and the remaining amount.
If partial payment is a payment order drawn up in 2 copies. The first is recorded in the documentation of the Bank and the second to serve as an addition to the list from the account of the payer. When the last payment issued the last warrant is also attached to the first warrant for payment and entered in the documents the date of payment. And the rest of the payment order issued to the payer together with the extract from the personal account.
Payment order register in the register of payment orders. To do this, give it a sequential number and use the corresponding form field of the payment order.