You will need
  • - a letter from the debtor;
  • - the payment order;
  • - the act of netting.
Article 313 "obligation fulfilment by the third person" of the RF Civil code envisages the possibility, when one entity pays for the other. The lender, i.e. the person who will receive the money in the end, obliged to accept payment, unless from the terms of the agreement does not imply that the debtor must pay the debt. Often the recipient is not so important who will pay for the organization of the debtor.
Will receive from the debtor a letter asking to repay the debt, which is included in its liabilities. This document should be formalized and appropriate clearance. Mandatory information that needs to entered is the full name and legal address of the debtor and the creditor, the number and date of contract between you and the debtor, requisites for transfer of funds, the payment amount and the contract number under which the payment is made. The signatures of the chief accountant and Director General of the organization of the debtor.
Complete your order payment. Specify in this order the name of the debtor and the contract number on which to perform the payment. Be sure to include the contract number in the letter, which was provided to you by the debtor, as usually a copy of the letter you already have the creditor by the moment of receipt of funds.
Make a copy of the payment order and the receipts obtained from the lender, which will confirm the fact of payment. Tell the debtor the copies and enclose with this organization act netting.