Advice 1: How to pay by Bank transfer

To pay the issued invoice by means of transfer any legal or natural person having a Bank account. For this you need to use the Internet beninga (system "Bank-client") or transfer to the Bank the payment order on paper.
How to pay by Bank transfer
You will need
  • - account details of the payee;
  • computer;
  • - Internet access (not in all cases);
  • - special program for the formation of the bills;
  • - Internet banking or "Bank-client" (not always);
  • printer, pen, in the presence of a seal (not always).
Based on the billing account you create a payment order. This is best done using a special accounting program. To do this, insert the recipient's details, purpose of payment and its amount in those fields in the program interface. Select also the order of payment.
In the presence of the system "Bank-client" you can load the payment order in electronic form.
If this is not possible, print invoice, put on it the signature and the seal and take it to the Bank or give it to the staff member who issued the power of attorney. To issue a power of attorney you if needed at any time.
If the system "Bank-client" is connected, you can create a payment order directly to her. To do this, log in, go to the formation of the payment order and insert the necessary details in their intended field. In box for order of payment select closest in meaning meaning.
To transfer a payment the document, staple it with a digital signature and send it to the tellers by using the appropriate menu commands.
To make payment you can also from the account of a natural person. To do this, log in to online banking and make a payment using the API system. As with "Bank-client", insert the details in those fields.
You can also contact the Bank and ask the teller to form the payment order on the basis of the details specified in the invoice.
If you pay the expense in connection with entrepreneurial activity, better don't use to pay the estimated expense of individuals. Otherwise, the Bank may suspect you of using the account for the purposes of business and block it. In the law there is no ban on the use of accounts of natural persons for business purposes, but it often limits specified by the internal rules of the Bank.
Useful advice
In the formation of the bills on the computer possible copy all the values from the electronic version of the invoice.

Advice 2 : How to conduct non-cash payments from physical persons to the SP

Are called non-cash payments that are made by transfer of money resources on Bank accounts without using cash. Several different ways of transferring money by Bank transfer in favor of SP.
How to conduct non-cash payments from physical persons to the SP

The benefits of cashless payments

All cash transactions of the company with customers can be carried out either in cash or in the form of a wire transfer. Clearing can be done in different ways - with the help of payment orders, Bank cards, checks, bills of exchange.
In the Western practice is quite common cheques, in Russia the most widespread payment by Bank transfers, cards and electronic money (for example, Yandex.Money, WebMoney).

In non-cash settlements involving sellers, buyers and the banks (or the settlement organization). The last carry out cashless transactions for a fixed Commission.

The benefits of cashless payments are the flexibility of the operations; the Bank documents confirming the payment; reduce the costs associated with the transport of cash. In addition, payment by Bank transfer helps to significantly reduce the time of payment.

The order of payment

Non-cash payments in favor of IP do not differ from the procedure of settlements with legal entities. Individuals can transfer money via Internet banking or Bank branch (e.g. Bank).

For cashless transfer, the seller himself can bill you for payment or to provide a receipt for payment through Sberbank. But you can also make a payment order for payment through the Bank itself. You need to know the following details in whose favor transfer money:

- F. I. O. FE;

- legal address - SP is the place of residence;

- INN;

- the name of the Bank where the PI has a current account;

BIC (Bank number of the recipient);

- the number of the beneficiary account and the correspondent account of the receiving Bank.

In the field of purpose of payment specify, for example, "30% advance payment for services under the Contract № ... from ... 2014 in favor of the SP Ivanova I. S." or "Payment for ... under the Contract № ... .... 2014 in favor of the SP Ivanova I. S.".

When the user has Internet banking, you can pay for any goods and services without leaving home. With it, a list of requisites that need to know the buyer is the same as in the case of payment in the Bank.

If the user pays for the goods in the online store, then it can be accessed multiple payment methods through a special payment system. In this case, the buyer has the option to pay online by credit card, electronic money, etc.
In order to entrepreneur could make non-cash payments, it is necessary after registration to open your own checking account, payments on a personal account for business purposes is prohibited.

In this case, the buyer does not need to know details of the recipient of money, it is enough to specify the details of your own card (name and surname of the card holder, its number, expiry date, cvv2 code or cvc2) or the number of the virtual wallet.
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