You will need
  • - account details of the payee;
  • computer;
  • - Internet access (not in all cases);
  • - special program for the formation of the bills;
  • - Internet banking or "Bank-client" (not always);
  • printer, pen, in the presence of a seal (not always).
Based on the billing account you create a payment order. This is best done using a special accounting program. To do this, insert the recipient's details, purpose of payment and its amount in those fields in the program interface. Select also the order of payment.
In the presence of the system "Bank-client" you can load the payment order in electronic form.
If this is not possible, print invoice, put on it the signature and the seal and take it to the Bank or give it to the staff member who issued the power of attorney. To issue a power of attorney you if needed at any time.
If the system "Bank-client" is connected, you can create a payment order directly to her. To do this, log in, go to the formation of the payment order and insert the necessary details in their intended field. In box for order of payment select closest in meaning meaning.
To transfer a payment the document, staple it with a digital signature and send it to the tellers by using the appropriate menu commands.
To make payment you can also from the account of a natural person. To do this, log in to online banking and make a payment using the API system. As with "Bank-client", insert the details in those fields.
You can also contact the Bank and ask the teller to form the payment order on the basis of the details specified in the invoice.