To pay by Bank transfer, please print the payment order. The document can be typed in a special program or in a standard office Word or Excel.
To issue a payment order, it is necessary that the invoice had all the Bank details of the seller, such as: Bank name, correspondent account number of the Bank settlement network of Bank of Russia, BIC, INN and KPP of the beneficiary and his Bank account. In the line "Purpose of payment" of payment order write, and on what account payment is made.
To pay the bill using the account, provide to the Bank a payment order. The document can be printed independently or a Bank clerk. For the service with your checking account will be charged a certain amount, and you pay the Bank's Commission for money transfer.
Payment through "Bank-Client" can be carried out at any time of the day. To work in this program the computer must be connected to the Internet. The Bank will give you a key to enter the system. For connection and key you will have to pay. Payment and transfer money via "Bank-Client" is cheaper than working directly with the office of the Bank. In addition, the registration of documents is much faster than using paper payment orders. This program will allow you to track the payment of all accounts and will simplify the accounting and tax accounting.
The invoice can be paid through the payment system, electronic money WebMoney, Yandex Money, etc. But in this case you will need to pay a fee for the transfer of funds.
Payment in cash is made in cash Desk of the seller. Before heading to the vendor, complete the cash flow from the cash your organization. To do this, write down the account cash warrant, sign it in the head and the chief accountant. Write in words the amount issued, date and signature. Make the money in cash the seller will receive a receipt of credit cash order and check if the seller is working with a cash register.