You will need
  • The labour Code of the Russian Federation Government Decree №922 dated 24.12.07 G. "On the procedure of calculation of average salary".
In order to begin to accrue educational leave to the employee, he must submit a certificate call from your school and attach to it a statement with a request to grant such leave. Be aware that educational leave is accrued according to the same rules as paid annual leave. If the period of the school holidaysand have holidays, they should also be paid. If the employee was sick then vacation, then sick leave shall not be payable and shall not extend the vacation for sick days.
First, calculate the earnings of an employee during the 12 months preceding the accrual of academic leave. To do this, use order No. 922. It clearly identifies all types of payments that should be included in the basis for calculation of such vacation.
Next, calculate the average daily earnings. To do this, divide the sum of the calculated earnings for 12 months (if you have worked more than a year) for 12 months and 29.4 days (average number of calendar days in the year. If the employee worked for 5 months prior to the accrual of academic leaveand then divide his earnings for the 5 months for 5 and 29.4. These rules apply in the case when all months worked out completely.If the calculated period is not fully worked month, calculate the monthly average number of calendar days in such months. I.e. 29,4 multiply by the number of calendar days attributable to hours worked, and divide by the total number of calendar days that month. For example, in July the employee before the 10th day was in holidaye, July 11 went to work. 29,4 * 21 / 31 = 19.92 day.
For the final calculation of vacationand multiply the calculated average daily earnings by the number of days of educational leaveas referred to in the help call. For example, the average daily earnings for the 12 months amounted to 680 p., the duration of leaveand 30 days. Ie leave will be credited with in size: 680 * 30 = 20400 R.