You will need
  • - help-call;
  • - a blank sheet of paper and a pen;
  • help-confirmation.
Remember that according to the labour code, you have full right to student vacation subject to two conditions:
educational institution where you study has a certificate of state accreditation;

- the level of education that you receive, for you primary.
For example, receiving the first higher education, you can demand that the employer provide you with study leave. If any of these conditions is missing, the employer has the right not to let you go to school. In case you receive a second higher education, additional study leave shall be granted only after consultation of the issue with the leadership of the organization in which you work. Better when applying to work individually with the employer to resolve all issues concerning your studies.
Write a statement in the following sample:
Cap statements: specify the name and position of the head, which is addressed to the statement and position, name of structural unit full name of the employee;

- Document type (Statement);

- The wording of the statement: "Please provide an additional holiday with preservation of average salary for the passage of intermediate certification with __ ___ ____ on __ ___ ____ G.

Help-the challenge_____ I enclose";

- Date;

- The signature of the employee.
Grant application with help, a call to the accounting Department or the personnel Department of the enterprise in which you work.
Go on a vacation only after make sure that the employer has signed your application.
Take the (necessarily) in the training institution and hand over at work certificate-confirmation, which States that you really were in session. Without this information your vacation the student will have the Foundation and will be recognized as invalid.