You will need
  • - medical certificate (in case of health problems)
Decide how long you want to delay protection. If you have any kind of emergency situation that you can't you have University in is needed, but your work is completely ready, try to postpone protection for a few days. If you have any circumstances that prevent you from to prepare work on time, move the presentation of their work for the next year.
If you want to delay protection of the diploma for health reasons, ask your doctor the relevant reference confirming your words.
If you want to carry protection for a few days, contact your supervisor. Better to do it at least a few days before the approved date. In the case of the graduation problem can be solved at the level of the head. If the defence of your thread, there are several days, just ask them to bring you to the list of students presenting their work in another day.If we are talking about the thesis, the situation is more complicated. Dissertation Council meets infrequently. Therefore, you will also need to contact the Department of graduate school of your University and scientific Institute and to explain to the staff your problem. Please submit supporting documents if you have them - for example, medical certificates. In this case, the protection can be delayed for long enough until a new date is agreed upon with the Dissertation Board.
In case you need to postpone protection for the long term, you need to arrange a sabbatical. First also warn of the supervisor. Try to convincingly explain why your work was not prepared in time. Also give him the plan of his work on time, sabbatical, to make him understand that you are not going to continue to violate the deadlines of their work.
Then, if you have to defend the diploma, please contact the Dean's office of your faculty. For academic leave usually need a reason - illness, pregnancy, care in the army - but in some cases you can meet and vacation in other circumstances.
If you are a graduate student, you will need to formalise the division of graduate studies. The extension of graduate studies in the fourth year - not an uncommon occurrence, so the likelihood that your request will be granted, is quite high.