You will need
  • - thick fabric 130х30 cm;
  • - 2 piece of cloth 25x35 cm;
  • - 2 m slings;
  • - 30 cm bakey for edging;
  • - plywood 30x25;
  • - 4 carbine;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - the tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - lighter.
First of all, take the plywood, place it across the width on a large piece of thick fabric, wrap once and sew the side opposite the fold.
The end of a long piece of fabric sew into the fold of the fabric. Thus, you get the Essentials for the house-the hammock, where the plywood part is the floor, and a thick cloth walls and ceiling.
Cut the rope into two equal pieces and finish the edges with a lighter so they don't crumble.
Sew the straps on the inside of the house to the ceiling. To do this, first put the basis for the hammock floor down and find a middle free from the veneer of fabric, folded it in half with a triangle on the plywood part. It will be the middle of the ceiling. Turn from it to the right a distance equal to half the width of the plywood. It will be the right side of the ceiling where you want to sew a sling. Also do the left side. As a result, you get the house-the hammock without two walls, but with pendants.
Then sew two pieces of fabric on the sides of the house to get a CC and Can use jeans, it's durable and looks very attractive. Suitable pieces from old pants or skirts.
Now on two adjacent sides of the house-the hammock make inputs, cut out in the walls of the tissue opening. Below each entry is smooth, put the old CD or DVD on the fabric, trace with pencil and cut with scissors the round, slightly smaller than drawn. So the passages will acquire the optimal size.
Baste bake a small seam along the contour of the inputs, so they look neat and not Ravel. Treat other open stitches stitches over the edge.
Carabiners tie knots to the ends of the sling, so you can adjust the height of the house hammock.
Hammock for Guinea pigs ready. Hang it in the cage and be sure to adjust the height.