Draw a diagram or draw a sketch of the future cells. Note that the optimum height of the cabin for the rodent – 80-100 cm design width 40 cm and length from 60 cm to Schedule several floors, stairs and shelves.Use a metal grid with a cell size of not more than 2 cm on each side. Using the tool on metal cut of the side wall of the cage, ceiling, shelves, hole for entrance and door. Grind the sharp edges with a file, carefully straighten all the elements.Join the parts using to bond the aluminum wire with a thickness of 1-2 mm, the edges of the screw with pliers. Attach the doors and shelves on the scheduled place. Shelves don't bend, create the ribs – fold the unattached edge 1 cm up or down, this will be sufficient to maintain the flatness of the surface. Using wire, bend the clips for the doors and attach them to the walls.Cut and glue the PVC plates from the tray cells.Ready design color according to your desire, pre-Alesgerov the surface with special tools.
сделать поилку для крыс
Fill the cell with accessories: the house, a hammock, ladders, pipes, wheels. Shelter for rats make a small, create coziness in it: put some soft paper or cloth. Hang for your pet hammock is a favorite vacation spot of the majority of rats. Purchase it in the store or make yourself from a small towel size 20*20cm and rings used for curtains in the bathrooms. Provide easy access to the upper floors by erecting a system of stairways and passages. Use clear or colored tubes of different diameters. Put in a cage wheel will help your pet not to stay in place and stay in good shape.
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Equip the cage with the necessary elements – drinking bowl and a feeder. Do not use plates as containers for drinking, as ratsusually organize in such places toilet. Get ready a bowl in the form of a cylinder with metal tube and ball, using the brackets attach it to the walls of the cells. Don't prompt rat food in plastic dishes, it can chew the bowl, or easily flip it. Use ceramics or metal.
Как живут домашние крысы
Fill the tray with pellets, thick paper (e.g. pulp and kitchen towels). Do not use softwood fillers, rags and cotton wool, it can be dangerous for rats.
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