You will need
  • cell;
  • - automatic drinking bowl;
  • - fresh water.
Before you bring a pig home, equip her "apartment." The cell should be clean litter, filled with feeders and waterers, which is a container with a special tip. Attach the bowl to such a height that the animal could easily reach the tip. A house for the first time can not put. Let the pig get used to the environment and to you, and in a few days you can give her shelter.
что будет если морскую свинку не поить водой
Release the animal in the cage and see how it will behave. Guinea pigs are quite shy, but some just realize where that is in their new home. If the animal was at the same place and the same trough, he will understand that in the new is the necessary water.
Морская свинка: как она выглядит
Seeing that Guinea pig is looking for water, but can not find her, bring her closer to the troughs. Make it so that the animal lightly poked his nose into the tip. But don't overdo it, nose only needs to touch a metal ball.
видео про морских свинок когда их моеют
If the pig still does not think what to do, put it next to the bowl. Touch the tip with the wet finger. Hold it close to the pigs mouth and let her lick. Repeat the procedure several times.
морских свинок не ужились в одной клетке стали кусаться
Remember that a Guinea pig should receive water regularly. She usually starts to drink from the feeder as soon as her show. But are not very savvy or very shy animals that do not immediately learn the lesson. Don't be angry with the pig and don't think she's stupid. Please be patient. After a few days you will achieve success, because Guinea pigs get used to new owners quite easily.
приручать морских свинок
When a Guinea pig gets used to the environment and will become quite tame, start to let her walk. Make sure and this time she could drink if she wants. Put the cage on the floor, and a drinking bottle attach so that it was on the outside of the cells and familiar to the animal height.