You will need
  • Wooden box
  • Metal mesh
  • Plates for the house
  • Reiki
  • Door hinge
  • Hook and loop or latch
  • Carpentry tools
  • Nails
  • Carpenter's glue
Make a wooden box. If it is possible to get quite a large packing box. You can take it. Important — pay attention to the dimensions and to the bottom of it and the walls had no cracks. If you only have one Guinea pig, take a box with a bottom area 60x40 cm and a height of 40-45 cm right out of the box, cut out three side walls and ceiling of the "Windows" - holes the size of almost a wall, you must leave a 15 cm below and 3-4 cm from the sides and ceiling. From a high enough box you can make a cage without a roof. Pigs will be fine there feel. A wide strip from the bottom have to do because Guinea pigs don't like drafts.
In one of the walls make the door. Cut the slats 4 piece on the inner perimeter of the side walls and fasten them together. This can be done by cutting off the corners at a 45° angle and glue the sections with joiner's glue.
Cut pieces of mesh. They should be approximately equal to the corresponding walls of the box — maybe a little less, but such as to completely cover the "Windows" and still had a few inches to mount on each side. Nail the mesh on all the walls of the future cells, the ceiling and the door. It is possible from the inner side to further strengthen their rails.
The door put on the door hinge. Small nails fasten it to the hook and the wall of the cell loop. If you are doing a cage without a roof, the door you need to change feed, water and litter is through the roof. In principle, the cell is ready, now you need to think about its equipment.
First of all you need a pan. It needs to be high enough. Pan you can pick up at the pet store, but if you are lucky enough to find a great photographic cuvette — would be OK too. You can make a pallet out of wood, but it is more difficult to wash. The pallet must be free to pass through the door.
The house can make the box smaller. No special tricks for this is not required, it is enough to penetrate in one side of the entrance. Put in fresh hay house. It is also necessary to regularly change. In the cage must be feeders and waterers. Drinker preferably mechanical, which is suspended to the grid. You can make the barn.
All other elements of the home where your pet is at your discretion. In the cell can be toys, ladders, mazes. Wheel Guinea pigs don't need. They don't particularly love him, and they have reasons for it — a weak spine. So that the wheel may be even harmful. The ladder should also be high.