Although the medal is issued in accordance with the estimates obtained in the last years of study, it is necessary to study on "perfectly" at least since the fifth grade. First, you will gain credibility with teachers, secondly, in the 10th grade do not have to frantically remember all my assignments, making up for lost time. Usually contenders for the gold medal prior to the commencement of the 10th class. Sometimes it manifests itself the indulgence, the teachers try to help these pupils to guide them.
Don't let the year or quarter you put "four" or "three". This applies to all items. The gold medal is issued to those who had only excellent grades, which is known to consist of quarter marks. "Launching" a single item, you risk not to obtain a reward, as a teacher, even if you will not be able to put a perfect score in the certificate.
Take part in Olympiads on subjects in which you are strong. It is better to choose two or three such disciplines and to participate first in school and city competitions, trying to reach a higher level. Selected items deeper study, prepare for them thoroughly, search for additional materials. Received at the Olympics certificates will significantly help to get the gold medal. In addition, teachers note students winners of various competitions, highlighting their cognitive abilities, aptitude for scientific research.
Participate in other educational activities: round tables, KVN, conferences, extra classes in certain subjects, electives. Communicate with applicants on medal, smart, gifted and motivated students. This helps to improve motivation, makes you learn better and striving for new achievements.
Talk to teachers about what you want to finish school with a gold medal. Ask what you need to do for you, what topics to study, what jobs to do. You have to show interest in good grades. If for some reason you received not satisfied with your mark for the work, arrange with the teacher to redo it.
Do not skip class and try not to miss classes, get sick less! Absence definitely will not help to get a medal, and missed the topic difficult to teach. Be polite with the teachers, avoid abnormal behavior.