Let me know who some of the teachers that want to get the silver medal. It is much more important than it might seem, because this "application" you will form to himself some relevance. Teachers will know that you have a goal and you are trying to achieve, so be careful (and perhaps supportive) to treat you in the classroom.
Expect their forces. Silver medal is good because it allows you to have any number of "fours" in the tenth grade, and two in the eleventh. This allows the student not to blindly cram all the items in a row, and to concentrate on something, to pull and to complete their education. For example, if you know that you will not extend the geometry of the "five", but will easily take "four", it is quite possible a few "let go" of this subject and to learn English that you can really improve.
Show visible effort. It so happens that a talented but lazy student put a rating lower than not sparkling, but diligent schoolgirl. This is because teachers are so important to your knowledge on the subject, much greater role is played by your desire to learn. So (especially in the second half of graduating class) you need to make the effort to do all tasks and to show the teachers that you are willing to work hard.
Be social active. In many ways, the pressure on teachers have principals, who have their own "plan" for the number of graduates-medallists in the school year. Cases are known when the medals were issued solely in order to raise the prestige of the school: "this year the school has released 5 gold medalists! This is an undeniable indicator of the quality of academic staff". So if you participate in the social life of the school (performances, KVN, competitions, lightning), the teachers can take you on a note. However, it does not allow you to forget about studying – just like the medal is still not allowed.