You will need
  • Class journal.
One way of placing a quarter of the evaluations is to find the average score (i.e. average of all marks). Add up all the scores of a student in a given quarter and divide this amount by their total number. As a result, you will receive a number which will reflect the average score or rating for a quarter. To simplify this work and reduce the time teachers on the Internet there are programs that do this lightning fast operation, you will only need to enter grades and click "Calculate".
A better way to determine the fourth mark is the average score of all tests and, separately, classroom and homework. If the average score obtained on the basis of control and independent work, for homework and class work that speaks in favor of increase of a quarter of student assessment, if below – in favor of lower.
Consider the individual characteristics of the child when placing a quarter assessments. If you know that the verbal responses of the student is always much better written because of his personal qualities, the rating can be slightly improved, focusing on the results of the verbal methods of working with it. There's also the reverse situation: if the child is successful in writing than orally, pay attention to relevant notes. It is necessary to objectively assess existing student knowledge.
If the student has at least one unsatisfactory rating (does not matter which job), quarter marker can't be different (except in rare cases).
If the assessment for the quarter is controversial, for example, equally fives and fours, pay attention to more significant level in independent tests. You can spend the extra credit on topics that cause you to doubt in the degree usvoeniya their students.