Fuel prices are likely to change in a big way, which brings additional costs to consumers. The market is diverse and open in our country the fuel is imported by dozens of other States, in addition, there are internal resources. Owing to what the competition is sufficiently large, this provides the basis for objective pricing. For the most part the selling prices of fuel depend on a conjuncture of foreign market and its fluctuations. Therefore, our market for many years runs parallel to the dynamics of world prices.
Before selling the fuel to form a price. Usually the cost of fuel is about 60 % of the price, about 30% will be taxes, and the rest should include the costs of transportation, storage, and net income.
In every region of the country the difference in price of fuel due to such factors as delivery costs as some areas are far enough away from the main plants and the supply of imported products. Therefore, the more remote a region is, the higher the price of fuel. However, in most regions there are certain contractual relationships between the participants of the fuel market, so sometimes there are jumps in the level of prices at gas stations.
To sell fuel through the Internet. There are many sites sites that allow free to place bids on the sale of fuel. Go to any search engine, type the query: "to sell fuel," select the site you like, register on it, make your offer. If the price of your fuel will be acceptable, the buyer will find quite quickly. After that we can negotiate about shipping. The fuel supply must be specifically designed for such purposes vehicles that you can hire, or enter into a contract with an appropriate organization for transportation fuel.
In that case, if you plan to constantly engage in the sale of fuel, try to negotiate delivery with the leadership of the small gas stations. If the price of fuel may deem reasonable, and the quality will satisfy all requirements, then perhaps the long-term productive cooperation.