You will need
  • - Balancing machine
Prior to selling tires, check them for wear and damage. Inspect the tires, appreciate the tread and possible imbalance. Make the balance wheel.
To place the announcement of sale in Newspapers or on specialized car sites. In the advertisement it is desirable to provide as much information about the tire condition. Will not be superfluous to add to the information and even photos that demonstrate their status.
The price that you must specify in the ad, you can determine after reviewing similar listings. Usually the cost is supported by the tires, depending on the degree of wear amounts to 20-70% of the cost of the same new instance. The degree of wear is determined by the depth of the tread grooves. Got new tires this depth is 8-10 mm, despite the fact that the minimum groove depth is 1.6 mm. the price of a large is the impact of brand products. From the famous tire manufacturers (Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, etc.) are valued higher and therefore they are more expensive.