Grade of gasoline appropriate for a particular model tool, usually indicated in the operating instructions. If you ignore the manufacturer's recommendations and to fill the tank with fuel with the wrong octane rating, over time, the device may simply fail. Trimmers come with a two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their servicing and maintenance are significantly different.

Petrol trimmers with a two-stroke engine

Motodrummer equipped with a two-stroke engine does not have separate oil supply system for lubrication of friction parts. So they need to be refilled with clean gasoline and its mixture with engine oil. Remember that the oil must be special designed for two-stroke engines. Using the car engine oil can bring the tool down.

Trimmers two-stroke engine should be refilled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, he will be able to run on gasoline with a higher octane rating. But if fuelled with 95 Ron gasoline the engine will overheat and run unevenly.

To mix oil and petrol in the right proportion. If the grease is too little, on the surface of the piston and the cylinder walls will appear a bully, then destroyed the piston ring and the engine will jam. Excess oil is not so critical, but also will lead to unpleasant consequences. On the piston will produce carbon deposits and piston ring Sakatsume that will lead to a drop in power.

Typically, the proportions of petrol and oil specified in the instructions to the tool. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50:1 50 parts fuel, one part is filled with oil. Therefore, one liter of fuel should account for 20 ml of oil. If the engine is worn, or tool works with high load, the amount of lubricant can be increased to 25:1, pouring 40 ml for one liter of gasoline.

Petrol trimmers with four-stroke engine

Trimmers are driven by a four-stroke engine are more complicated. Gasoline and oil are put in different containers, from where then fed into the engine. In these models, I can't use oil intended for two-stroke engines.
Gasoline trimmer with this engine should be AI-92 or AI-95. To use fuel with lower octane is not recommended — it will lead to unstable operation of the engine.

Many manufacturers of trimmers are strongly advised to use lubricants sold under their own logo. Often they are more expensive counterparts, which are sold under other names. Is it worth paying more for branded oil?
Companies that manufacture diesel tool does not produce fuel. They buy the products of companies involved in manufacture of oils and then Packed grease in the vessel for its symbolism. So you can easily buy the right oil from any manufacturer. Importantly, to match the parameters of the engine.