One way of cleaning diesel fuel is filtered. It protects against solid particles of dust which penetrate into the fuel tank when it is opened. The presence of dust particles can cause malfunctions of the diesel engine, as they clog the holes and channels of the injector nozzle, whereby in the combustion chamber is supplied an insufficient amount of fuel and engine power is reduced. After cleaning, the filtration efficiency of fuel combustion increases, and therefore, the engine power will be higher, fuel is consumed more economically.
The filter consists of the filter element and the housing. Filter element made of special paper, synthetic fiber or cellulose. Some filters are able to hold the hard particles and of the water contained in the fuel. During operation, ensure that the filter does not overflow with water, otherwise the water will block and filter bypass flow of untreated fuel. It is important to choose the right filter depending on the particle size, otherwise the filter will not perform their functions.
One of the varieties of filtration – separation. This cleaning method is applicable to highly contaminated diesel fuel. Separators allow you to remove foreign matter from the fuel, even if their concentration is very high. When applying a separation method of separating water and solid particles in the centrifuge, then collecting on the bottom of the casing of the purifier, and filter through a special paper with special impregnation. Such equipment is expensive and is generally used in larger enterprises with a fuel consumption of more than 150 tons per month.
For self cleaning of diesel fuel you can use special additives that prevent coking of the injectors, formation of deposits on pistons and combustion chamber walls, at the glow plugs. Active formula diesel additive, depending on its destination, allows to displace water trapped in the fueland also prevents the increase of cetane number and fuel thickening.