Improve the quality of life, learn to have fun daily. After all, the human condition written all over his face. Sad sight and lowered his hands will not attract the attention of an interesting man. Open yourself to the world!
Start the morning with a positive attitude. Imagine how great will be the day. Praise their strengths, motivate yourself for a productive result. Thank the Universe for all that you have: hands, legs, parents, friends, work. Feel the abundance that reigns around you and recharge them.
Get rid of negativity. Negative emotions can occur at all, most of the people they accumulate, turning into traits. You have to learn to discharge this energy as quickly as possible. Do sports, go to the theatre or a movie, beat the pillow. Or just write Frank a letter to the offender and burn it.
Dream and develop your intuition. Is the key non-standard and independent thinking. Thinking about the good, you will become a positive person and intuition will help you make the right decision. To do this, learn meditation or create your own wish Board.
Remember, a charming man is always confident. Believe in yourself, learn to achieve goals. For example, get a Notepad and write down both long and short term goals. Every day celebrate your accomplishments. Very soon you will feel the taste of victory, and your self-esteem will improve noticeably.
Emphasize individuality. Remember about the appearance. Style hair, apply makeup, determine clothing style, which emphasizes the perfection of the figure. If necessary, update the wardrobe. The image always reflects the charisma.
Visit beauty salons. Don't neglect the pedicure and manicure. Keep your body in perfect condition. Attract admiring male glances and enjoy.
Become a partner: learn to listen attentively, speak confidently, to use their voice. Your speech should be expressive, and you convincing. There are a lot of trainings in active listening and courses on public speaking. And remember, never blame others for your problems and negative emotions.
Pay attention to manners. If necessary, learn the etiquette. The right behaviors will give you grace and charm.
To Wake the charm, just love yourself and others. Show a genuine interest in people, don't hesitate to compliment me. Accept yourself the way you are, and constantly improve: read, exercise, drink plenty of water. Do it with pleasure and try to laugh more.