Please note, as we look at each other couples. They are easy to spot on the streets among the hurrying crowd or in a noisy company. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people, their eyes are on each other, they are watching every movement of the beloved. If one of the lovers call out a friend, he reluctantly turns away, seeking to keep my eyes on the beloved. Look at your favorite person as well: long, with adoration, not noticing anyone around. When you turn your back, first turn your head, and only then move eyes.
If you are a girl, surely you know how to use makeup to make the look more expressive. Highlight the upper eyelid - it will visually increase the eyes. The same color apply in the inner corner of the eye, then paint eye-lashes. In this case, do not select too bright color to make the makeup look natural.
Of a lover a man to say that his eyes sparkle. Smile the object of your feelings sincere children's smile, remember all the wonderful moments you have had. The smile will disappear, and the light in his eyes will remain. And this warm glow will surely reach your sweetheart.
From the passion of the lovers ' pupils dilate and his eyes darken. This reaction is on a subconscious level will tell your partner how you are excited with his presence, and certainly flatter him. Eyes like the poets like to compare with the darkened night sky.
Let your gaze relaxed, glide over your lover. Watch his face, curly locks of hair, collarbones, hands. Can go on a more spicy parts of the body. You should not feel shame or embarrassment, just enjoy what you can enjoy expensive for you man. If the object of your affection feels towards you similar feelings, he will gladly respond to your dumb call.