What is the difference between magnetic personality:
• Magnetic personality different from other people of unusual demeanor.
• This man is always polite, but behind his outward calm hides an extraordinary inner strength, thanks to which he can bend the will of other people.
• People with personal magnetism, know what they want, however, not inclined to hurry, because we are convinced that sooner or later will get all the desired all the desired results.
• Magnetic personality radiates serenity and strength, this man you never see nervous or excited. It is possible to say that he wishes could say a lot, but for some reason does not want to fuss.
• Look at the person who has developed the magnetism penetrating but not loud. In conversation he looks the interlocutor in their eyes and in the nose, carefully and kindly. Dispute this man does not love, he of few words and more listening.
So what is personal magnetism? Like a battery, a person emits positive and negative charges, constantly gives or receives energy. This ability, in fact, is the magnetism, or the mental currents. When you keep any his desire, thus you accumulate psychic energy. But if you satisfy this desire, the energy is spent and therefore decreases the power of your magnetism. Of course, there are people who have pronounced magnetic power from nature, others need to develop and accumulate it in himself. Here, the main rule is: at the time you first feel any desire to try to keep it (within reason, of course). In other words, you need to learn to look at your desire as a means to success - and success is guaranteed. Suppressing your desire, you are filled with energy, strengthen the will, into a person whose impulses fascinate and affect others.
Exercise extract the power of desire." You need to imagine that you you are influenced by any temptation or wish away. What, in General, informed it would be unpleasant to you. Now you meet every wish happily, as a source of new strength. So, we begin to extract. Step 1: within 8 sec. slowly all the light you need to pull in the air. When you do this, mentally repeat: "In this moment I consciously assign all the power of this desire". Step 2: within 8 sec. do a slow exhale, repeating: "Now I have the measure and balance with which I can command my accumulated magnetic power". This exercise should be repeated several times. Temptation loses its power over you since your awareness that you can to deal with it.
Exercise "Detachment". Suppose there is a man, the approval and friendship of which you seek. However, he's not interested in you, and your company he is indifferent or even unpleasant. Do you know why? Remember, whether you get from this man's location to you? - No. And if he gets it from you? Yes. However, he doesn't even try to get it. In other words, wittingly or unwittingly, this person draws strength from you. How to change the situation? You need to avoid it for a few days. Your task is to save yourself the power that you have wasted. Upon meeting him, keep your dignity and a certain detached indifference, be absolutely quiet. In 4-5 days you will see the results of such exercises. By this method, the accumulated energy will start to work. And then sooner or later you will swap places with that person.
Exercise "I say!" To develop toughness, you can train in a solitary place: for example, outdoors, in the garage or in their room. Within five minutes, breathe slowly and deeply. Now you need to suddenly get up and start his monologue, referring to an imaginary person (to his reflection in the mirror, to the photo of any person, to any way). This phantom model this skill. It is not so important what you say but how, in advance thinking over each phrase. You need to talk a confident, sonorous voice. Do not forget to put the emphasis and needs of the semantic pause. If you want, feel free to walk with long strides across the room and motion. This exercise will give effective results, even in the case if you will perform this exercise only for 30 min as an Example (albeit negative, but still) can serve as Hitler, who was engaged in similar exercises constantly. A trained person can have extraordinary magnetic influence on the masses of people.
And finally, some basic rules for the development of their magnetic abilities:• You must have the strength of desire - spiritual message, which has an attracting or repelling force.
• Develop in yourself restraint and reticence with exercise, for example: when you said something and you got a burning desire to share it with your friends - keep silent. This allows you to conserve power, you can recklessly waste, aiming to gain sympathy or credibility in the eyes of others.
• It is important to be reserved in communication, because with your silence you are forcing the interlocutor to Express his opinion. While you will not understand it, you will be strong.
• And now the most important thing: avoid talking about yourself. Provide to speak about you to others, but seek no adulation to satisfy my vanity, because those who seek approval of others, in fact, reach the smallest.
By following these tips, as well as performing the above exercises, you'll soon see that increases your sense of self-worth, power and value.