Advice 1: How to use old phone

Even the most reliable phone sooner or later finally wears out or ceases to hold the owner parameters. But even after cessation of use for its intended purpose it can continue to benefit. There are several new ways to use my cell instead of sending it "to rest".
How to use old phone
If the telephone has a Bluetooth interface, use it as a modem to access the Internet with your laptop. Plug before it is installed in the device SIM card unlimited tariff.
Apply the device as a surveillance camera or wireless web camera. Take, for instance, the well-known J2ME application Mobile Webcam. Internet access also needs to be unlimited.
It is known that Chinese phones, designed to work with two SIM-cards - not "Champions" in terms of reliability. Better replacing the unit more functional, continue to wear old with me, but with a map the second operator.
Do not rush to change the phone only for the reason that old quickly. Change it only the battery, and continue using it. Apparat-"clamshell" or "slider" is possible again to make a workable, replacing worn-out train. This requires a special screwdriver and about twenty minutes of free time.
Turn unnecessary phone tracker for the vehicle. Turn off all audio signals, organize the constant recharging its battery from an onboard network of over charge extracted from the battery charger to the "cigarette lighter". Disguise it under one of the blocks of the machine, observing fire safety measures. Don't forget, not less frequently than once every six months, use installed a SIM-card of any paid service, otherwise it will block. Activate find my phone, which is today each operator. In case of theft of such a device might help you find his "iron horse".
In case you are not satisfied only for the reason that there is no GLONASS or GPS primerica, add this feature by purchasing a special navigation console. It has no buttons (except the reset button), no screen, and information with the unit it communicates via Bluetooth. Do not forget that consoles also have a battery that must be recharged.

Advice 2: What can you do with an old mobile phone

What would be a good quality and neither was the thing, after a while it inevitably deteriorates and breaks down. However, just to throw her mind, because she served a few months or years. In this case, you should include your imagination and think about what it can do. Take on Board some ideas that will help you to find the unexpected use of the old mobile phone.
What can you do with an old mobile phone
First of all, do not rush to make from your old mobile phone a kind of unique thing. You may get more or less profitable to sell. For this you can contact a store that sells used vehicles, or place an ad to sell a phone in a local newspaper/online.

You can also use your old cell phone for the second SIM card or give it to grandma. It will be easy to learn how to use it if it is not equipped with a large number of functions.

What can you do with an old cell phone, if it has a damaged case

In this case, it will be very helpful to come up with the old mobile phone exclusive design improvised. For example, you can make an original cover of a pack of cigarettes, tie or sew and decorate with beads.

In the result you will get a unique thing, which is not ashamed to show off to friends. In addition, you can try to make out of old cell phone alarm for car or usb camera to communicate on the network.

Don't want to make the extra effort? In this case, just make yourself a relaxing massage. Turn on your phone's vibrate mode and enjoy the pleasant sensations.

What can you do with an old cell phone with a damaged display

This part of the mobile phone breaks down very often. Should the machine fall to the ground one or more times, in the best case, it will be unsightly scratch, and at worst does no longer display anything to show. If this is your situation, do not worry.

The damaged display can be replaced by another. The cost of such repairs the old machines, the cost is relatively small. In addition, you can use the device as a separate device for music listening, uplifting.

The only thing you need to worry columns. If the model is really old, you'll need an adapter to the headphone Jack on the legacy machine.

What can you do with an old mobile phone, if it does not turn on

If the old machine is completely worn out and does not work, you can arrange a competition with friends on a throwing of mobile phones. Surely you have some friends that also don't know what you can do with an old cell phone, when it did not work.

So you can pretty have fun, and at the same time to meet with their friends, with whom you have not seen. So, in an open area put the empty box at some distance (for example, 5-7 meters) and begin to hold the competition on the accuracy. Alternatively, you can argue which of you continue to throw your cell phone. Fun and creative!

If this does not suit you, do a puzzle. Take apart an old cell phone parts, and then try to collect it again, when you do not know what else to do.

In that case, if you don't want to break or disassemble favorite thing, start to assemble a collection of old cell phones. Perhaps in another 10-20 years they have become a rarity.

Finally, another idea that may be useful to you: leaving the lid of an old mobile phone, make the case.

Advice 3: How to use phone as gps

A modern phone is not just a means of communication with friends and relatives. Built-in mp3 player and camera now will surprise nobody. Modern phone is almost a computer, it has processor and operating system, it can help you organize and plan your entire day, watch a quality video or even to get from one point of town to another using GPS navigation.
How to use phone as gps
To use the phone as a Navigator, find out if there is GPS module. This can be done on the manufacturer's website. Call hotline, here the operator will also be able to advise you about the possibilities of the phone.
If this function is available for your phone model, download from any available source on the Internet of a GPS app and install it. Assuming that the installation was successful, the main menu will appear the item, often it is simply called "Navigator".
Install maps of the area where you plan to use navigation. Card, keep it in phone memory, especially if the Navigator is used in typical travel phone works in roaming, otherwise each time you download data from the account will be charged for the Internet traffic.
To configure Navigator available to change the system changes the distance (usually available in metric, Imperial and naval), language pack. In addition, you can choose the method route and mode of movement (pedestrian or car).
Many applications have a number of useful features, such as voice-guided route, traffic jams, additional more detailed information (hospitals, gas stations, bistros, etc.). When you select an application read more about the features of the program.
A modern phone is quite capable of replacing Navigator. The only drawback here is the size of the display, although it's a moot point, because for someone in the first place compactness.
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