Go to the following website:
Download the server part of the program SmartCam for OS Symbian. If your Nokia phone is made on S40 platform, instead, download the version of the server side, designed for J2ME. Install the program on your phone.
Download the client software SmartCam for the operating system that is installed on your computer (Linux or Windows). Install it.
If your computer has neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi (or no Wi-Fi, and the computer does not have Bluetooth), connect to it and configure the appropriate external device. The setting method depends on the operating system.
On your phone, open the server part of the program, and the computer - client. Configure the same connection method: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In the second case, they correctly set the ports and IP addresses. Pair your phone with computer and start using as a web camera. Try to apply it, say, as a "baby monitors".
If the program is used in Windows and works via Bluetooth, it can connect with computer via BlueSoleil drivers. In this case, replace the Bluetooth driver supplied with Windows. In any case, if the Wi-Fi in the phone, it is better to use it.
Remember that transferring images from phone to computer will stop as soon as it is removed by a distance that is too large for the normal operation of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
If the program will be used for surveillance in a public place, be sure to put it clearly visible sign informing visitors that they are being filmed. The phone is not dead, connect it to the network through the charger. Position it in such a way as to completely eliminate theft.