Find all the necessary details cell phone. Can use spare parts old mobile phones or buy in the store. Currently on sale there are working boards, displays, housings, speakers, etc. keep in Mind that even before Assembly of the need to buy all the parts. Otherwise, at some crucial stage will not be under the hand of scarce items. Make sure that all parts correspond to the size of the body of the phone and combined with each other.
Enjoy software your "new" phone. Go to the website At the end of the page you will be offered codes and firmware of certain models of cell phones and programs that allow you to do this. For example, the program is designed Phoenix for flashing phones Nokia. Other programs can generate code to do a factory data reset without additional hardware. Directly from the website, you can download these programs, which included detailed instructions.
Take a blank phone case. Depending on the model of the motherboard is attached to the middle or lower part of the body (frame) with a special flexible loop. If you are not able to resolder the PCB, with her all of the phone (display, microphone, lamps, etc.), you can install a somewhat one-sided circuit boards are arranged in parallel. Set up a loop function keys and buttons. Also on the Board attach the pad with hearing speakers. Carefully attach the display to the middle part and snap, as well as coaxial cables. The frame must be fixed around the perimeter. Then install all the connectors, side, bottom, top panel according to the instructions for the Assembly of cell phone the specific brand. Secure them with the screws. You will receive a mobile phone, made exclusively for themselves.