You will need
  • - different types of polishes;
  • - paint;
  • Lac.
To remove from the surface of the body light scratches that violate only the top layer of paint or the paint just burned and weathered, use a non-abrasive Polish. Its composition is a special paste which cleans the surface of the car body and fills microscopic scratches, making it shiny and smooth. After several washes polishing must be repeated.
To clean spots and so-called "little bit higher" (scratches that are visible on the surface of the paint, but not felt to the touch), use malabrigo Polish. Apply it on the body and RUB thoroughly with a rag. The result of this treatment, "volosianka" will disappear, and the foreign spot too. In addition, the use malobragino polishes will help slow down the deepening of minor scratches and cracks on the painted surface.
If the scratch on the car body can be felt tactilely, fill it with a special pencil or colored wax. After that, the crack will be completely unnoticed, especially if the top of her Polish. But it will allow you to hide a scratch only for a while, after a few washes it will appear again, and the operation must be repeated.
Large scratches or gouges can be removed, but rather to disguise it with a special paint. For this purpose in the technical documentation to find the number of paint, which painted the car. Purchase two vials, like those which kept the Polish for painting nails. In one of these bottles need to be paint, and the second clearcoat.
Degrease the surface of the chip or scratch (preferably using acetone), and apply a coat of paint. Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of colorless nail Polish. In this case let contact the surface dust. When the varnish is dry, Polish the body. After several washes the paint will cease to be different from the main one.