You will need
  • forms of the relevant documents, printing company, documents of the employee, the labour code, documents, work record of the employee.
For dismissal you should write the statement on the dismissal to the head of the enterprise to fire you at their own desire or agreement of the parties. In it you enter the abbreviated name of the company surname, name, patronymic of Director of the company. In the genitive indicate their position in accordance with the staffing, the name of the structural unit, their full surname, name and patronymic. The content of the statement to Express his request to quit with a certain date, please sign and date the written statement.
Parallel statementm the dismissal you need to write a statement about the provision of paid annual vacation. Set the duration of the vacationand sign and date the written statement.
Both statements (on the dismissal and granting leavea) going to the first face of the company for resolution. The Director in turn takes the decision.
If the employer decides to fire you, paying compensation for unused vacationand, it will cost more profitable.
When you retire, if this was done on vacation as a specialist, registered on the enterprise any monies paid to you for the annual paid leave, subject to unified social tax. Accordingly, your leaving in holiday with the subsequent dismissal organization may face some financial costs spent for payment of social tax.
If the head of the company decides to endorse both statements, he issued two orders – one for the dismissal of the other in providing you with regular paid vacation.
In your workbook cadre makes an entry of dismissal that number, when you were actually in the workplace, that is, the last day before vacationohms.
If the Director approves only a statement of resignation, then issued an order on dismissal. And unused vacation you receive payment.