Advice 1: What payments are put to the employee after the reduction?

The reduction is always annoying. It does not matter whether it is known in advance or added at the last moment. For many, the moment of dismissal equated to a disaster. Because modern workers for the most part shrouded in loans, and job loss for them – a reason to panic. Experts recommend to get yourself together and calm down. After the decline does not mean that tomorrow you will be on the street without a penny.
What payments are put to the employee after the reduction?
When you receive a notification about reducing the need to sit down and think about it. First, estimate how much time you have to find a new job. Maybe you are going to fire only a couple of months, and before that time you will have time to find a new place.

Second, do not worry. Remember that organization, of course, if you are employed under the law, obliged to pay you some compensation. They should last you until you find a new job.

What payments are based on employee

Once you get acquainted with the order on the reduction and sign all the papers that notified and agree, you can start looking for another job.

The day specified in the documents as the date of dismissal, will be your last working day at this workplace. If your abbreviation is the initiative of the employer, he must pay you:
- severance pay;
- cash compensation for unused vacation;
- other financial indebtedness (salary, bonuses, etc.)
Compensation must be issued to terminated employees not later than the day of dismissal. Salary for last working month is issued the day before the official reduction.

Severance pay the employee will receive, within two months, provided that he has not yet arranged a formal job.
If you are in the period when received severance pay, has already found a job, but not registered it officially, i.e. receive a salary in an envelope, qualify for severance pay you are losing.

In the first month of the severance payment is equal to the average monthly earnings of the employee. Payment for the second month is calculated differently – it is equal to the number of working days in that month multiplied by the average wage in one day.

In some cases, payment in the reduction of staff may be extended for a third month, but only if the person is still not found work. This fact must confirm the employment center.

Compensation for unused vacation days

If prior to dismissal the employee does not have time to use your next holiday, although entitled to it, he must compensate it financially. Compensation in this situation is equal to the amount of accrued vacation pay. In addition, you have to write an application for transfer of vacation this year, for the next.

Payment of 13th salaries while reducing

A bonus, 13th salary, there are many enterprises. Employees not knowing their rights well, sometimes not even aware that while reducing the employer must pay the dismissed and the award. Even if the reduction occurs in summer. However, this is only possible under the condition that the person has worked for the company for at least a year.

Advice 2: What payments should do at dismissal

The dismissal of an employee may occur for various reasons and reasons, but in almost all cases, the employee is entitled to various benefits. Payments which are put at dismissal, the interests of the employees, terminating the employment contract. The size of payments and their amount will depend on the specific conditions of the employment contract and local acts of the company and the reasons for the dismissal.
What payments should do at dismissal
When must give severance pay?

Firing an employee should receive payment to your last day of work. And if this day it has not worked, payments, required dismissal, he will be able to receive not later than the day following the day when the employee asked the employer to settle with him.
The list of benefits the provisions for dismissal

When an employee terminates a contract of employment, he shall receive the following payments:
• salary for the time he worked in a given month;
• compensation for the vacation that the employee has not done;
• severance pay – in the cases provided for by law.

Payment of wages upon termination must include all due allowances, bonuses and surcharges.

It is worth remembering that the employee, prior to dismissal, may request to grant him leave. In this case, the payments required for dismissal are made to leave.
An employee shall receive severance pay upon dismissal if the reason for termination of employment was the reduction or liquidation of the company. The amount of the subsidy corresponds to the average monthly salary. In addition, while the laid-off employee looking for work, it can also count on receiving income, but really not more than 2 months. But if the employment service decides, the staff member and the third month will be able to get paid.

For the payment of severance pay upon dismissal can apply the following categories of employees:
• the head of the company, his Deputy, chief accountant at change of ownership – 3 average salary;
• a worker who refused to transfer – 2-x weekly earnings;
• an employee that does not correspond to the position – 2 weekly earnings;
• an employee who goes into the army – 2-x weekly earnings;
• the employee replaced another employee 2 weeks ' earnings.
The employment agreement or internal documents of the company may contain and other payments which are put at dismissal.
If the basis for dismissal was the agreement of the employer and the employee, then the agreement also may provide for additional payments in case of dismissal.
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