You will need
  • Foundation powder / bronzer / henna
The easiest way to get freckles is the application of a special pencil, and its color should be as close as possible to the tone of your face. So konopelski will look more natural. Natural look painted spots can be given, inflicting on them a small layer of Foundation powder. The disadvantage of this method is that these freckle very easily and quickly washed away, and each morning them you'll have to draw again.
Instead of manually pencil to draw freckles with the help of cream bronzer. On the face of such a spring rash will last a little longer, however, with each passing day, the brightness will subside.
Another way is to create freckles with natural dye.
For this you need to buy at your local pharmacy with a bag of henna (if you buy it in the store, Oriental goods, do not forget to specify the seller that you need henna is finely ground, so as soon as this mixture does not form lumps). Then mix the contents of the purchased bag with warm or slightly hot water until obtain a homogeneous mass. Then cover the henna with plastic and place in a warm place at least 12 hours (this is to ensure that the mixture has rested and become saturated hue).
When the mixture is cooked, spot apply it on those parts of the face where would you like to have freckles. Soak a while and rinse with warm water. Remember that the longer you keep the mixture on the face, the darker you will have freckles.
To change the color of henna and, accordingly, the freckles on lighter or darker shade, add the mixture of ground coffee, tea or lemon juice. The contents in the henna sugar, essential oil or lemon juice allows the freckles to keep the skin the maximum amount of time.
The most radical and most durable way is to draw the funny red spots in the tattoo parlor. The essence of this procedure is the following: the color of the skin is selected of a certain color paint (as a rule, Golden color), which is subsequently applied thin needles under the skin. Yes, this procedure is not very pleasant, and it costs a lot of money, but the end result, to be sure, will exceed your expectations. Freckles made the cabin look very natural and beautiful. Held that they, as a rule, from one to several years, after which painlessly fade in the sun.