Advice 1: How to do stereo

Stereo, or another stereogram is a specially designed image, visible behind a meaningless figure which are hidden three-dimensional figures. To see the hidden image, you want to defocus look. Someone this is the first time, and someone must be a long time to train. To do stereo you can own, but for this you will need a special program.
How to do stereo
You will need
  • program to create stereocarto;
  • - image depth;
  • image for outer shell.
Install on your computer special program to create scorecarding, for example, Stereogram Workshop, 3DMiracle, Popout-Pro or the other.
Choose file-image, which will contain information about the future depth of the stereo image. The brighter the dot, the closer it will appear in the finished picture, and the darker - the more. If you have such a picture, just point her way through the menu File -> Load Depth Image.
If you want to create a picture of the depth yourself, you can use any graphics editor such as Photoshop. Opening the editor, fill the background with black and draw a black-and-white and gray objects with different degrees of brightness. Can also use the ready-made image, turning it to black and white. First, let the image will be more contrast and easy to perception.
Next, load the texture to create the outer, visible shell, the so-called mask of depth. If the depth mask you have or want to do it yourself, use the special utility, for example, 3DMonster. In addition, you can take any small (not more than 256х512) image, the optimal file extension *.bmp. Better if the texture will not be too small; will fit coins, stones, berries, etc. the color of the mask should not be too contrasting and bright to see the finished stereo image was nice.
Look in the settings of the distance between repeated elements (Distance between eyes), and select the optimal value. The default value is 1.5 inches, but if the amount is difficult to see, reduce this value to 1.3 and 0.7. Note that when reducing this distance, the depth effect on the image will also decrease.
Adjust the density of pixels per inch (Resolution). If you watch the pictures on a normal monitor, set at 72 or 96 DPI, and for printing on a printer increase the density to 300 DPI.
In the texture settings, check Use Texture to make the program use the suggested file. Then click the "Convert" (Convert) and save the resulting stereo file with a common extension, *.bmp or *.ipg.

Advice 2: How to learn to see stereo

Almost all people possess binocular vision. That is, the two eyes we see the three-dimensional image, can compare the distance between the objects and their distance from us. This feature of human vision allows us to consider stereo.
How to learn to see stereo
You will need
  • Computer monitor or color printer.
Effect stereoscopic image based on the capabilities of our vision. In a healthy person both eyes focus on an object, the brain compares information received from each eye and by checking the angle of view is a single picture. Because of this, we see the world three-dimensional, not flat.To learn how to see stereograms easily. For starters zoom closely to the image, so that focusing was impossible. Then start to slowly move away from the screen (or push myself). Gradually, some elements of the picture are close and others to move away, until you see a clear three-dimensional image. It is undesirable to run around the eyes and blinking effect may be lost and will have to start watching again.
The second option is to learn to see stereograms involves defocusing of the gaze away from the pictures. You need to have the screen or the printout in front of him and look forward, but not on the image, as it were, through it. Then, slowly and carefully zoom in otdavayte the picture until you see what is happening it changes. One of the secrets of this skill is to make the "eyes", and then gradually clear vision. Don't despair if you can't immediately see the "magic" image. All your life you unconsciously learned to focus on the subject, it is not surprising that to unlearn is not easy.
It is easiest to start with the images printed on two points (dash). You need to relax your vision so that instead of two points has turned three. Without changing the focus of view, look just below and you will see a kind and affectionate animals.
Train easier on the printed pictures. Harm for sight seeing stereocarto no. In certain quantities it is even helpful as the exercises for the eyes, which most of us are too lazy to do. To preserve visual acuity exercise in moderation is necessary, but to overtax your eyes is not worth it.
Useful advice
Relax and take your time, no need to worry. If you have never had before revealed disorders of binocular vision, both eyes see properly, you will succeed. A little workout, and mysterious images will instantly appear before your eyes.
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