You will need
  • - sponge (sponge);
  • - brushes for painting;
  • - special inks are water-based.
If you decided to do drawings on the face for the first time, prepare in advance several images. For this you can find interesting work in the Internet and print on paper. Prepare all the necessary materials for printing on the face.
Despite the fact that the dyes for face painting completed the study and absolutely safe to use, still test a small amount of paint on a small area of skin (to avoid allergies and hypersensitivity reactions). Before applying the fairy makeup, remove hair from the face model in order to acccess the forehead. So as not to accidentally stain your clothing, throw in some towel or apron.
First, apply on face tone, it must be perfectly smooth and even. Soak the sponge in water and thoroughly wring out, dip into the paint and light circular movements apply to the skin evenly across the face. Avoid direct and long strokes, as when dry they will be very noticeable. Paint mascara on the upper and lower eyelid, pay attention to creases in the corners of the lips, eyes and nose.
The main and most difficult part of the job – drawing of lines, contours and fine details. Hold the brush like a pencil, dip in some paint color just above the bristles and just type it in circular strokes. The paint should resemble a creamy consistency, should not be spread and dirty. Begin to apply make-up onto the model's face, hold the brush under a right angle. To get a thin line or dot, barely touch the skin with the edge of the bristles of the brush. If you need a thicker line, apply the brush to my face and pressing lightly, to hold the strip.
If you as a model is a child, it is necessary to work quickly and accurately, as these little fidgets is quite difficult for a long time to sit motionless in one position. In addition, from the touch of the brush children can be tickled or funny, which will undoubtedly affect the facial expressions. Try to divert young model interesting conversations.