You will need
  • green, yellow, beige paint.
Any color palette is determined by such parameters as hue, lightness, and brightness (saturation). The notes are only three for each basic colors - blue, yellow, red. These three groups include all the other shades. Grace determines the amount of white in the shade (the lightest tend to white, dark to black). Finally, the contrast means the closeness of the shades of gray - more gray in the shade, the less expressive.
Thus to create a pistachio - that is, dirty-green colorand - you will need yellow, green, grey, beige paint. The basis for your shade will be green (not bright herbal tone, but not rude khaki) mixed with ochre or umber (not "Canary", and more yellow colorohms). The resulting tone need "mute" with gray and lighten by adding white or beige color schemes.
The combination colorin the interior of the s - task is feasible not only professional designers, but also just people, not devoid of taste. Pistachio color - a win-win options for the interior, aged about one colorroom scheme. For a stylish monochrome design will fill your room with pistachio walls parts olive, salad, mustard or tobacco color. Pistachio blend perfectly with all shades of white, beige and taupe. No less original looks contrasting combination of pistachio with plum, black or turquoise.