You will need
  • blue paint;
  • green paint;
  • brush or sponge;
  • - the palette.
To get the color of sea waves, it is necessary to use only two colors: blue and green. Better if it's clean, saturated colors that come closest to the colors in the standard color table.
Take the palette, apply a sufficient amount of green paint with a brush or sponge and add a little blue. Depending on the number of the last paint, the color of sea waves can be different shades – from soft, light-bluish tones to deep rich dark green.
To the color of sea waves was more gentle, pastel can be added to the already obtained the color is a little white paint.
To create more light and clear tone, you need to use watercolors. In this case, the transparency will depend on the amount of water added to the colour of a sea wave.
To the color of sea water can also be in clothing. On the lining green put blue transparent fabric. For example, chiffon or Batiste. Stitching between the fabrics of these colors, you can get a beautiful, elegant dress the color of a sea wave, from which it is simply impossible to look away.
In clothes of this color will suit blondes with platinum shade of hair and blue eyes or bright brunettes. In combination with jewelry, it would look great with rubies and gold and silver ornaments. In suits it is good to combine it with pearl grey, blue and blue shades. For example, turquoise, aquamarine. Suit and pale peach color when used with maroon. And, of course, classic black.
And in the interior of the house is the color of sea waves will look great in combination with white and ruby colors. In the kitchen it is possible to add elements of light wood or steel.