For example, it may be required if the car is designed by one of the spouses, but uses them actively other spouse, in the case of gift, sale, transport, as well as under certain other circumstances. In order to obtain rights to the vehicle and also the documents confirming these rights, you must make a visit to the traffic police Department with the person will be re-registered machine, and also with those to whom it is issued currently.

In order to buy the car you should have the documents that indicate the transaction (e.g., sale, donation), the documents that certify the identity, and also documents on the car itself. In accordance with applicable law, to re-register the car, both independently and with the help of specialists.

Once decorated, the ownership of this car, it should be put on record.

The registration and renewal of documents is a fairly simple procedure. Most often difficulties arise during re-registration of a vehiclepurchased under a General power of attorney. In this case, you can remove the car from the account by power of attorney, to issue buy, sell or make a certificate account (certificate account will help to make specialized companies, the average cost is 1000 RUB) and then put the car on account of the place of residence of the new official owner.