Advice 1: How to watch MMS Tele2

All people is important and joyful fellowship. How nice in the middle of the work day to a fun, cute MMS message, uplifting and giving a smile! What are the ways to look at MMS?

How to watch MMS Tele2
Multimedia messages MMS are similar to usual SMS. However, the capabilities of MMS wider than in the body of your message you can send not only text information, but also attach images, short audio and video recordings. The maximum size of MMS - 300 KB to send messages on cell phone your friend and his email.
Mobile operator Tele2 automatically connects each new subscriber the possibility to send and receive MMS messages. This service is free, but requires activation. To configure services, MMS, WAP and Internet on your phone, contact support service of the company Tele2. This can be done on the official website by following the link, or calling the operator at the toll-free number 679. Name the model of your cell phone. You will receive the settings that are appropriate specifically for your model and follow the instructions of the operator will be able to configure the MMS messages. Of course, you can use the function preview and send MMS only if your phone supports this format of communication.
If you have received an MMS message on your mobile phone, but can not open it for the reason that the phone does not support the format of multimedia files, please refer to the official website of the company Tele2. Open the page of MMS-gallery by following the link In the login window, enter your phone number starting with the digit "7".
In the next window, specify the pin code, MMS-messages. This code you can read in the body of the received MMS: instead of the media image on the screen of the mobile will display pin.
Click "View MMS". If you have correctly entered all the data in the window to populate, you will see the contents of the received MMS messages.

Advice 2: How to send MMS to e-mail

If you need to send from your phone regarding large files — photos or pictures, sounds, video use MMS. To address such communication is possible not only mobile, but also on any e-mail. If your phone is already configured for MMS, no additional settings you need — just type in the email address instead of the recipient's number and send the message as usual. For example, let's look at how this works in Samsung Wave 525.
How to send MMS to e-mail
Make sure your room includes the services of reception/transmission of MMS messages. Typically, this service is activated by default with GPRS-Internet and required profile settings for the phone to be sent to the operator automatically as soon as you insert the new SIM card. Check and adjust installed profile on your Samsung Wave 525, go to "Settings" — "Connection" — "Network" — "Connection." In the dialog box that appears when you navigate to the list of available connections, click on the "Yes"button.

If you don't know how to set up the MMS profile, consult the specialists of the customer service Department of your cellular operator.
To check and modify profiles in the menu “Settings”
Create a new MMS message. In Samsung Wave 525 and similar models with special functionality for sending an MMS no SMS, and MMS sent from one of the buttons — "Messages". Click on it and then click "Create" in the bottom corner of the screen to the left.
In the main menu, select compose message
Enter in the "to" email address to which you want to send MMS. To the keyboard displayed the letters, use the button with the characters "?#+", located above the button language switch (see illustration). Press it once – the title would change to abc; and again, the keypad will become normal. If you rotate the camera 90 degrees in any direction, enter the e-mail address will be more convenient.
To enter the email address switch keyboard
Tap your finger on the text input on the screen of your phone will be alerted that your message will change to MMS. Confirm your agreement with this change — just click on the OK button.
Agree with changing the message type
Enter the message text, if you need it. To add to your MMS files, click on the button with three dots at the bottom of the screen will appear a menu where you can choose the type of attachment. To add a picture (photo), video, or audio file, click the button "Add media" to attach other file types, use the buttons "Attach" and "Add text".
Call menu to add the files
Select the desired files in the phone memory or to the phone memory card. If you accidentally add the wrong file, click on it with your finger and hold for a few seconds, a menu will appear to delete or replace the file.
To remove/replace the file, click on it and hold your finger
Adjust settings sending MMS, if you want to get notifications about delivery. Menu button (three dots) select "sending Options".
Activate the settings delivery reports
Click on the "Submit" button, your MMS message will be sent to the recipient. Delivery report if you ordered it, will come to your phone.
Click on the button “Send” and wait
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