Make sure that your mobile device supports MMS and GPRS. Dial short number 679 for a number of SMS messages containing detailed instructions on the application settings to be obtained automatically. Save these settings and run the resulting recommendations. Turn the phone off and restart it to apply the changes.
Please note that the MMS service in the Tele2 network is free and available to all users.
Open the main menu of your mobile device to configure the MMS in manual mode and go to "Services". Expand Profiles and select GPRS.
Use an existing or create a new profile. Print Tele2 MMS in the field "profile Name" and enter a value in the APN string. Select "Not used" in the fields "Username" and "Password".
Return to the main menu of your phone and click "Messages". Open the MMS link and select "Appointment". Expand "Edit profile" and enter any character.
Enter the value Tele2MMS in the "profile Name" and type in the "Home page". Enter the previously created profile Tele2MMS in the "profile Name" and enter HTTP in the field "link Type". Use значение193.012.040.065 in the line "Address" and enter 8080 in the Port field. (If necessary the last value can be changed to 9201, for the "Port" and - for "Address" depending on your model.)
Again, specify the option "Not used" items in the "user Name" and "Password" and restart your device to apply the changes.