To order the necessary settings MMS messages, and at the same time and the Internet, subscribers of MTS can directly on the official website. You need to go to it and click on the section called "Help and service". Then it is necessary to select the "MMS Settings". In a field which you'll see afterwards, you will need to enter contact information (mobile phone number, but only the seven-digit format).
However, before requesting the required settings, you can check if your phone EDGE/ GPRS. It is required to connect, because without this feature to send MMS message you can not. To activate it, start typing USSD command *111*18#, and then press the call button. Also, having automatic settings is possible by sending SMS to short number 1234. In the message text, specify a word MMS (or don't specify anything, if you want to get Internet settings). To MMS profile, call number 0876. Please note that receiving MMS from other subscribers will be available to you only once with your cell phone the first message is sent.
Customers of MegaFon ordering settings MMS available via filling a special form on the official website. Once the user save the resulting data, he gets access not only to send MMS messages, but also to the mobile Internet. Don't forget about the room 5049. It is possible to send SMS with number 3 (if you want to get the automatic settings), or 2 (if you need wap settings). Will help you another room 0500 is the number of technical support customers. You can call him and simply tell us the model of your phone operator.
In a Beeline configuring MMS possible due to the existing USSD-request *118*2#. The model of the phone to inform is not necessary, the operator will determine it automatically. He will send you the required settings in just a few minutes. So they began to operate, save them using the default password 1234. Common command *118# will allow you to control not only this service but many others.